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Reader's View: Do we need to rename Lake Wobegon?

Longtime radio host and writer Garrison Keillor said that at age 75 he is "not interested" in arguing about the sexual innuendo that led to his departure from Minnesota Public Radio ("MPR cuts ties with Keillor," Nov. 30). But what he did and how he admitted to doing it make the whole situation a lot worse.

Even without Keillor, Minnesota Public Radio is and will be Minnesota Public Radio, It is different from and separate from Keillor, who should be ashamed for doing what he admitted doing. What a shameful act of sexism to the woman. He never should have made her a victim.

And what about Lake Wobegon? Should the fictitious lake be renamed after this sexual situation perpetrated by Keillor in such a dishonest and uncomfortable way?

John Huerta

Warren, Ariz.