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Other View: Now Dayton wants to make nice?

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, in an interview with the Star Tribune published Sunday, said he is ready to restore funding to the Legislature and work with lawmakers to get some important things done in the final year of his term.

It may be a little late for that. Dayton slashed the Legislature's funding with his line-item veto last summer in an attempt to force Republicans to undo the tax bill he already agreed to and signed. His high-handed power grab was upheld by the Minnesota Supreme Court, leaving the Legislature under his thumb.

Now, aware that he's not going to get his wish on taxes, and aware that he's running out of time to get his wish list completed, Dayton said he won't insist on changing the tax law before restoring the Legislature's funding.

Why would anyone in the Republican caucus trust Dayton, let alone cooperate with the governor on anything? The Republicans have adopted a rule that prevents legislative staffers from helping the governor's office with anything, such as drafting legislation.

Dayton has a long list of things he would like to accomplish before leaving office in January 2019, and he's going to need legislative help to accomplish it — something he should have considered before his line item veto last summer.

— The Journal of New Ulm, Minn.