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Reader's view: Trump disgraces U.S. military members

Events with this so-called president, Donald Trump, have reached a pinnacle of disgrace and hypocrisy. We have a man in office who has shown himself to be bigoted, dishonest, and narcissistic.

Trump forced Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, a former Marine general, to describe how our fallen are processed back, which he painfully did. I lost a lot of respect for Gen. Kelly for stepping out to defend Trump's ignorance and lack of empathy. Gen. Kelly needs to step down if he has any real integrity.

I am a Vietnam veteran and know fully well how we take care of our fallen friends.

I consider Trump, on the other hand, a draft dodger. He received deferments, including for so-called bone spurs.

In an interview with talk-show host Howard Stern in 1997, Trump said his "personal Vietnam" was at home avoiding sexually transmitted diseases.

Any letter of correspondence Trump sends regarding the loss of a veteran should be stamped "return to sender." Any such phone calls he makes should be declined.

I so hope in the next election people really watch and listen and research who they decide to cast a ballot for.

Philip C. Tarnowski