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Reader's View: Let CCC-like crews fix Lakewalk, America

It's time to bring back the Civilian Conservation Corps, or the CCC.

The Lakewalk and Brighton Beach were damaged in a recent snowfall and by high winds and waves. CCC crews built Pattison Park in Superior. They also built Billings Park in Superior. Why can't something similar fix the Lakewalk and Brighton Beach?

The CCC built or worked on the old courthouse in Superior. It's still standing. CCC crews are responsible for many old stone buildings we admire today. They're tourist attractions.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought the Civilian Conservation Corps into full action during the Great Depression. The effort saved many a family. A lot of regular people got started on a trade by joining.

There are thousands of displaced workers in the United States now, including because of recent storms. And it looks like the weather is going to continue wreaking havoc.

How about paying workers $10 an hour? A way to pay for this could include letting students work off their school loans or letting nonviolent criminals work off their fines and get straight with the law. Not all their paychecks should go toward their debts, but a percentage could. Also, after students and criminals work in a field for four years, they could earn a certificate in that field. We will need lots of teachers to offer on-the-job training.

But not everyone is meant to sit in a classroom. The government can be an equal-opportunity employer.

Tamara Jodell