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Reader's view: Rukavina can tone back tone on mining

I objected to the entire tone of the commentary in the Nov. 5 News Tribune from St. Louis County Commissioner Tom Rukavina. His statement that we in Northeastern Minnesota have no future without mining was just plain false (In Response: "Tone it down? Without mining, we have no future").

People made similar claims after the closure of U.S. Steel in Duluth, and we have survived without that company.

Those of us opposed to copper-nickel mining are not opposed to mining per se but to that particular type of mining, especially when it is proposed close to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. I hope and pray a mine near there never happens. We must do all in our power to stop it.

And yes, Commissioner Rukavina, you need to tone it down.

Edna J. Ciurleo