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Reader's view: Have scrap lumber? Build a bench!

Contributed photo / Duluth's Kenneth Timm built this bench because, he said, this public spot needed one.

On a recent autumn weekend, I built a bench. There was some wood around in my garage, so I built a bench. Not a workbench, mind you. An ordinary, wooden bench to sit on. A farm bench, if you will. I knew of a place that needed a bench, so I built one, and I put it there.

The bench is for anyone to use.

Actually, it's kind of funny how that turned out. The bench was built with others in mind, but I'm the one who benefits from it most. I get to feel good about doing something completely random while expecting nothing in return.

The bench is in a place where, to my knowledge, there has never been a bench before. Still, it was a place that needed one. It's located on a patch of land that belongs to us all but in a location where benches typically aren't found. If you happen upon it, my guess is you'll sit yourself right down, saying, "Yes, this was a good place to put a bench."

Before my weekend of construction, there was a pile of unused lumber in my garage. Now, instead, there's another bench in the world.

It's rough-looking and a little crooked but built plenty strong to withstand the pressures and conditions that outdoor benches typically encounter. I made sure of that. It has but one purpose, so it best do it well.

It is my contention that there aren't nearly enough benches in the world. Do you have any abandoned scraps of lumber collecting dust in the corners of your garage? Build a bench. I'm betting you already know of a place that could use one.

Kenneth Timm