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Reader's View: Duluth drama a tough sell in St. Paul

Editor's Note: This letter has been modified from its orignial version.

Playwright George Bernard Shaw said, "I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and, besides, the pig likes it." I suppose that's why people decide not to speak out if they're concerned about policy, people or observations in public forums.

Duluth City Council President Joel Sipress should be censured and asked to resign from his position after a profane Facebook Messenger text exchange with DFL Congressional District 8 Chairman Justin Perpich ("Sipress apologizes," Sept. 26). It is irrelevant that the conversation was private. It was documented. Not only was his use of language unprofessional and inappropriate, people are not calling attention to his threat of, "... then we are done. ... Got it?" Done with what?

Sipress has the privilege of serving the city of Duluth as an elected official and holds the most powerful role on the council. He should consider his words at all times, whether in public or private. He is, and should be, held to a higher standard as an elected official.

People seem to forget Sipress defended a fellow city councilor for bringing forth a resolution to remove Linda Krug as City Council president after an outburst she had at a meeting. It's hard to distinguish why her behavior was deplorable yet his could be considered acceptable. Perhaps because he's a man in power?

Duluth is in a tough spot with its well-known anti-business moves. Business owners will move out because of some of the proposed policies. The streets need fixing, and the city will need state legislative support to get that approved. Good luck in St. Paul, as there is little appetite for the drama in Duluth — especially with tactics like those of the current City Council president.

Brian Maki