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Candidate's view: No to copper mining, fluoride; yes to cannabis

Hold the line on taxes. That is a cornerstone of my campaign for governor.

With me as governor, Minnesota will be innovative and great. We will have full employment, balanced budgets, minimal taxes, protected health, protected environment, less crime, fewer people in jail and great programs for education.

At age 77 I am very experienced, trained and ready to serve. I am an Army veteran, the divorced father of four grown children, and the founder and president of the Earth Protector Cos. ( who never has held public office.

I strongly oppose sulfide mining in Minnesota, now or ever. We must put prohibitions on sulfide mining so mining companies and others in support don’t keep bringing it up every year. There is no way to do it in a safe way. And no matter how much insurance the mining industry carries it will never pay for the damage caused by acid mine drainage. Remember, I’m the Earth Protector, so I know. If we need to ransom our way out of sulfide mining I’m prepared to use some of the Environmental Trust Fund’s $600 million. Again, no sulfide mining in Minnesota — ever!

Minnesota already has destroyed huge areas of land and poisoned countless water bodies by growing genetically modified corn and soybeans from fence to fence and drenching those crops with highly toxic chemicals. The resulting soy products and high fructose corn syrup are destructive to people’s health. When the toxic wheat we grow is added to our corn and soybean crops we have the worst of all worlds.

Instead, we should grow flax, cannabis and organic crops for great food. And we should create hundreds of new industries and a million jobs in exchange for the thousands of jobs we trade for.

As governor I will create 200,000 jobs; hold the line on taxes; remove vehicle fuel, axle and sales taxes; build and maintain state-of-the-art roads and bridges with no taxing or borrowing; legalize cannabis to create industries in food, fiber, fuel and medicine; help the private sector install energy efficiency and conservation in all buildings and factories to create jobs and save billions of dollars; and protect public health from fructose, wheat and genetically modified foods that cause obesity, diabetes, and countless other illnesses. Right now, 1 million Minnesotans are pre-diabetic.

I also will end fluoridation of public water supplies by rescinding Minnesota Statute 144.145. Minnesotans who get their water from public water utilities are ingesting excessive amounts of fluoride, which, I believe, is causing, or strongly contributing to, learning disabilities, lower IQs and calcification of our brains’ pineal gland.

Finally, I would gift $4,000 to each college student and vocational student to help them out. The $2 billion needed for this gift would come from a state fund that has $74 billion.

Leslie Davis of Minneapolis is one of three DFL candidates for governor in the Aug. 12 primary election. His lieutenant governor running mate is Gregory K. Soderberg. To learn more go to