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Candidate's view: Our vision is of peace, prosperity

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Hello to the residents of Duluth and this great state. We are running for governor and lieutenant governor of Minnesota in the primary as Democrats. We have chosen to run together to give the people of Minnesota an alternative choice against the elite. We are normal people who have lived real lives and have struggled under the current government of this state. We come from normal families and have worked normal jobs and vow to help the average people of this state.

First and foremost, when we are elected, we will immediately start the process of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in Minnesota. The very limited medical marijuana bill signed by Gov. Mark Dayton this year was one that forgot about all the people in prison for the use of this plant, forgot about all the tax money that could be made through its legalization, and forgot about all the common sense that other states have legislated into law in the recent past. We will put a stop to this madness, and we ensure everyone who wants to can smoke marijuana in private places without fear of breaking the law.

Second, we vow to strongly regulate and limit corporate handouts and corporate welfare, which are fueled by lobbyists and our current governor. Expecting someone born in an elite corporate family to limit corporate welfare is counter-intuitive, and this is another reason we are on the ticket. Let’s get the corporate shills out of office.

Third, we will appropriate funds to stop corporations from polluting the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. PolyMet is just the tip of the iceberg of potential threats to the Boundary Waters, and we can and will win against all of them.

It is surprising to us we are one of only two alternative DFL choices against Dayton. We take this very seriously, and our integrity dictates our responsibility to the people of Minnesota. Our vision for this state is one of peace, prosperity and freedom for all the people who call this great state home. Our values are what will make this vision real.

We believe that only true determination can change things, and you can start changing things by voting for us. Our determination will be what drives us to do the rest. Vote for Bill Dahn and James Vigliotti for Minnesota governor and lieutenant governor, and rest easy knowing you have voted for what you believe.

Bill Dahn of Landfall, Minn., and James Vigliotti are DFL candidates for governor and lieutenant governor in the Aug. 12 primary.