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Overheard: ‘Not insurmountable’ to buy weed for ill child

“I asked the commissioner of public safety, ‘If somebody wanted marijuana in Minnesota where would they go?’ And she said, ‘Well, just about any street corner you want to name.’ The penalty for (possessing) less than an ounce and a half is a petty misdemeanor, so there’s no real

(disincentive to illegally buying marijuana). If somebody needed to buy marijuana for the sake of their kid’s health or pain relief it’s not insurmountable the way it is now. …

“I’m sympathetic to those who are suffering, (but) this has been whipped up into an emotional issue where the

solution goes way beyond the problem.”

Gov. Mark Dayton in an interview with the News Tribune Opinion page on March 10 about the pressure to legalize medical marijuana in Minnesota