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Overheard: On anniversary of a tragedy

“As I look back on 20 years since my brother and my very close friends’ murders, I celebrate their lives. Samuel Witherspoon, Keith Hermanson and Peter Moore were loving people. They loved their families and they loved hundreds of their friends. Prayers and thoughts go out to the Hermanson and Moore families, and please do the same for mine.

“Their legacy and integrity will live on through their family, kids and friends. I feel so grateful to have those precious memories that we have shared together in their short lives! I know every day that they’re watching over all of us.

“Make sure you always tell your loved ones and the people closest to you that you love them because tomorrow is never promised.

“Samuel, Keith and Pete will always be our angels shining down. We love and miss you!”

Stephan Witherspoon of Duluth in a statement to the News Tribune Opinion page for the 20th anniversary today of the shooting deaths of his brother, Samuel Witherspoon, and friends Keith Hermanson and Peter Moore during a party in Duluth’s East Hillside