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Reader's view: Imbalanced 'Pocahontas' story missed message of togetherness, depth of art

Shame on the News Tribune for the wildly imbalanced reporting on the upcoming Duluth Festival Opera production of "Pocahontas," which is to be staged Thursday evening in Marshall School ("Critic blasts opera's non-Indian casting," Sept. 19). The newspaper took the personal gripe of one disaffected woman and blew it up into some kind of racial turmoil.

The woman in question was quoted as saying she had participated in the grant process for the production, but only because she never thought the grant would be funded. On hearing that priceless illogic, and on learning that the production enjoys the advice and support of Robert Powless, and on knowing that Ojibwe singers and dancers are participating, how could the News Tribune possibly have considered this newsworthy -- let alone front-page, above-the-fold news?

On the contrary, how could the newspaper have missed the powerful message of togetherness that actually characterizes every element of this production?

If an article was being done about this production, how could it have failed to report on the extraordinary depth of the artistic experience that's been moving preview audiences and that is sure to provide a memorable evening this Thursday?

We all appreciate the News Tribune's coverage, but we hope the real news about this remarkable production will get out.

Markand Thakar


The writer is music director for the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra and principal conductor for Duluth Festival Opera and its staging of