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Mentor Duluth

Mentor Duluth pairs caring adults with kids who can benefit from positive role models.

Jenna and Chloe

Jenna and Chloe first met during their match meeting at Harbor Highlands in August. When asked what their first interaction was like, Jenna said, "Meeting Chloe was exciting! She was so full of energy, and I was amazed at how many things we had in common."

The two have a lot of fun together and share interest in several of the same activities, one being swimming, which they usually do a couple times a month. When they go to The Edge Waterpark, they have fun going on the water slides and racing through the lazy river.

They are both animal lovers and Chloe likes to have what she calls a "Wolfie Day," where the two take Jenna's golden retriever to the dog park and on walks. During laid back outings, they enjoy having spa days, doing their nails and watching Netflix.

Shortly after they met, Jenna and Chloe began a fun tradition. They both love the song "Cars" by Gary Numan, and Chloe deemed it their ride home song. So, on the way to drop her off every week they listen to it.

When asked if Jenna has learned anything from her match, she said, "My time with Chloe has showed me that you can bond and learn with people of any age and from different walks of life. Chloe is full of energy, enthusiastic and brings me a lot of joy." Jenna has enjoyed her match and says she also likes that she and Chloe seem to share similar values. They both care deeply about family and friends, and Jenna says Chloe is incredibly kind-hearted and thoughtful. They are both excited to see what the future holds for their match.