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Property Transactions for Oct. 16, 2017

Duluth Property Transactions

Oct. 4-11

1111 102nd Ave. W., Kevin M. Oehl purchased from Steven R. and Lana R. Puttkammer for $178,000, residential, 9/17.

1312 N. 20th Ave. E., Bora Inc. purchased from Betty D. Sher for $201,000, residential, 8/17.

701 N. 20th Ave. E., Kendot LLC purchased from Judith R. Palen for $115,000, residential, 9/17.

3105 N. 87th Ave. W., Jacob Coyle purchased from Lawrence W. Mills for $160,000, residential, 9/17.

1219 W. Arrowhead Road, Lee Osborn purchased from Mark A. and Anne M. Smith for $209,900, residential, 9/17.

11818 Becks Road, Amy M. and Timmy A. Granquist purchased from John M. and Vickie L. Boynton for $265,000, residential, 6/17.

405 E. Fifth St., ZRS Properties LLC purchased from Dennis M. and Susan A. Velner for $127,500, residential, 9/17.

3953 Fountain Gate Drive, Donde Goldfine LLC purchased from James M. and Wendy S. Annis for $262,000, residential, 9/17.

9126 Grand Avenue Place, Tyler Bailey purchased from Gary L. and Maureen J. Derosier for $169,900, residential, 6/17.

4042 Haines Road, trust agreement of Donald B. and Marjorie J. Weatherby purchased from Pamela Boben for $229,900, residential, 9/17.

604 Hovland Lane, Samuel P. Harms and Jennifer Witt purchased from Skorco Inc. for $105,000, residential, 9/17.

1901 Kenwood Drive, Amy M. and Chad Eichers purchased from Russell and Brittney Kurhajetz for $309,900, residential, 9/17.

5209 London Road, Benjamin Ranallo and Bri Denucci purchased from Lawrence S. Lee for $182,500, residential, 9/17.

2331 London Road, Xiu F. Stanke and Aimee Y. Song purchased from 2331 London Road LLC for $175,000, residential, 9/17.

4050 Minnesota Ave., Anne and Susan F. Leek purchased from Dimitrios Giannakidis for $630,000, residential, 9/17.

2805 Minnesota Ave., Steven Pearson and M. Bjorgaard purchased from Anthony J. and Mariann Mancuso for $345,000, residential, 9/17.

2919 Nighthawk Lane, James Patrick Development LLC purchased from Piper One LLC for $45,000, residential, 9/17.

1231 E. Ninth St., Green River Holdings LLC purchased from David Kortier and Penny Schwarze for $170,000, commercial (with buildings), 9/17.

609 Spear Ave., Brandon Teets, et al. purchased from Ryan M. and Gretchen A. Gautreaux for $165,000, residential, 10/17.

1925 W. Superior St., JF Stager Properties LLC purchased from Pennie and Richard Turcott for $5,000, commercial (with buildings), 9/17.

319 W. Third St., Chateau Properties LLC purchased from Easyliving Companies LLC for $275,000, apartment, 9/17.

319 W. Third St., Easyliving Companies LLC purchased from David J. Larson for $45,000, apartment, 9/17.

5309 Tioga St., Jennifer Pruse purchased from Stone and Odenwald revocable trust for $190,500, residential, 9/17.

217 E. Willow St., John C. Reierson purchased from Peter J. and Heather L. Gould for $142,000, residential, 10/17.

Address unassigned, Bruckelmyer Brothers Construction purchased from Harfel LLC for $56,000, residential, 9/17.

Address unassigned, Henry P. and B. Albrecht purchased from Steven Pearson and M. Bjorgaard for $400,000, residential, 9/17.