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Reader's View: Weather a greater danger than immigration

With all of today's news, it shouldn't be too difficult to get Congress, the administration of President Donald Trump, and American taxpayers to agree that rather than building a fence across our southern border we start a monumental infrastructure program to prepare for future weather catastrophes such as Hurricanes Sandy, Katrina and Harvey. Those future catastrophes are most surely coming.

We can begin by learning much from the Dutch about rising sea levels, and we needn't even mention climate change.

Cities and towns in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and elsewhere need to consider ocean barriers, levees, spillways, high-capacity storm sewers, drainage ditches, dams and reservoirs, stilt housing, and, like the Dutch, perhaps even floating houses. And they need to incorporate changed zoning policies that anticipate weather events.

Surely now we know that intruding wind and water are of much greater danger to American families than immigration.

Jim Waldo