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More ice cream trucks cruise into Superior

Lauren Bartell (from left), Kellan Bartell and Celia Bartell get cold treats from Madeline Dahl in a CruZin Cream truck on Hughitt Avenue in Superior. (Maria Lockwood /

Two family-run businesses aim to keep Superior cool this summer.

Duluth-based The King of Creams began running regular ice cream truck routes in the city last year. A second ice cream business, CruZin Cream LLC, brought its mobile shop to Superior this June.

“The response has been great,” said CruZin Cream owner Steve Anderson. “Superior has given us a warm welcome.”

The business was born last year with a single truck in the Rice Lake area. It has expanded to include four trucks, two of which tour Superior daily. Their goal is to reach every neighborhood in the city daily, cruising from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

“When the sun’s out, we’re out,” Anderson said, just listen for the music.

Routes can be traced by checking the business’s Facebook page, CruZin Cream Superior 2. The page also lists events and opportunities to earn free treats. Routes in Rice Lake, Barron, Spooner, Chetek and the Cameron area can be found through the Cruzin Cream Facebook page. The trucks deliver pre-packaged treats as well as flavored cheese curds. Candy vending machines were recently added to one truck’s exterior.

Demand in Superior has been so great that Anderson is considering a third truck in the city. The business employs five full-time and two part-time drivers. With vehicle maintenance and event scheduling, Anderson doesn’t get behind the wheel very often anymore. But when he does, he appreciates the “Good Humor” it brings to all.

“Ice cream seems to put a smile on people’s faces, mine included,” he said. “It’s nice to create memories for families.”

Established in 2008, The King of Creams made its maiden voyage to Superior in June 2013. The mobile eatery offers customers a choice of 20 novelty ice cream bars and Popsicles as well as hand-scooped ice cream in regular and waffle cones. The family-owned business tours Superior’s South End, East End and Central Park neighborhoods each Friday and the Billings Park and downtown/University of Wisconsin-Superior areas every Sunday, weather permitting. The introduction of a new ice cream truck company hasn’t taken a bite out of sales yet.

“We were initially worried about market saturation, seeing they run every other day in the same neighborhoods of Superior but our routes in Superior, especially Billings Park and Central have remained as strong or stronger,” said Courtland Powe, who owns the King of Creams. They are hoping more residents on the new South Superior route will begin to take advantage of their icy offerings, as well.

“Since we started we never intended on being in every neighborhood more than once a week, even though our strong routes could probably handle it, because we understand that our market is comprised of young adults raising young children and having raised six ourselves, we are sensitive to the fact that we are offering optional services some people just can’t afford even on a weekly basis,” Powe said. “Even being in each area once a week we find ourselves handing out free popsicles because every kid should be able to experience the American culture of an ice cream truck.”

Powe welcomed his newest employee — 10-year-old daughter Aisha — to the family business recently, making her the fifth of his children to work at the King of Creams.

“We are here because of our customers, not the other way around,” Powe said. “We strive to provide an outstanding value to them while providing excellent service they can depend on.”

To learn more

* More information is available on the Facebook page of The King of Creams or the website, which includes a map that tracks the truck via GPS.

* Routes for CruZin Cream can be traced by checking the business’s Facebook page, CruZin Cream Superior 2.