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A sweet new reason to visit Tower Avenue in Superior

A Dozen Excuses Donuts & More co-owners Melissa Hyatt (left) and Cliff Lindberg (middle) pose with baker Joe Dougherty on their vintage delivery truck. The donut shop, tentatively set to open Friday at 1112 Tower Ave. in Superior, will provide fresh donuts, Coney Island hot dogs and a light lunch menu daily. (Maria Lockwood /

Melissa Hyatt intends to sweeten the Tower Avenue streetscape.

She and Cliff Lindberg are raising a new donut shop in the Stillpoint Building, 1112 Tower Ave. A Dozen Excuses Donuts & More could open as soon as Friday, offering fresh donuts, friendly service and free wi-fi. Along with fresh-baked raised and cake donuts, the shop will serve coffee, tea, pop and a light lunch menu of soups, salads, sandwiches and Coney Island hot dogs.

Hyatt said the business was inspired by a donut shop she visited in Texas. The store was popular, good for the area and a daily stop for Hyatt. It was, she said, “something we need here.”

Buzz about business has been growing since its Facebook page launched in May.

“New option for lunch break will be great,” wrote Moon Martin.

Amanda Morgan of Superior wrote that she cannot wait.

“Weds bakery is only one day a week!” wrote Joanie Peters of Superior. “I’d love a bakery again!” She wrote she misses the Billings Park Bakery.

Hyatt has used the page to discuss possible donut flavors and signage, as well as post pictures of the business’s vintage delivery truck and bicycle. Plans call for special “guest appearance” donuts that could become permanent offerings if customers like them. The menu definitely will include a maple bacon donut, said baker Joe Dougherty. The Duluth man adds 26 years of bakery experience to the mix, most recently at the Twig Bakery. Instead of long Johns, Hyatt said, the shop will serve “long Joes.”

Lindberg plans to make his Greek recipe Coney Island hot dogs with homemade buns and special wieners in the Detroit style.

“They’re hotter, more authentic,” said Lindberg, who remembers getting a dozen conies for $1 from Superior’s White and Blue Restaurant when he was a kid. The Superior man retired at 66, but that lasted 17 days.

“It’s not for me,” Lindberg said. He ticked off the local businesses he’s started from a Superior Jeep dealership to the Crock and Bottle Shop. At 77, Hyatt said, he still delivers heavy equipment. Many of his customers already have signed up for wholesale donut delivery from A Dozen Excuses, as well.

The shop also will sell promotional mugs and T-shirts. Customers can bring the mugs back in for a discounted cup of tea or locally produced Alakef coffee.

Hyatt and Lindberg had been seeking the perfect spot for their donut shop. The reconstruction of Tower Avenue influenced their decision.

“You can feel the change, see the change,” Hyatt said. “It’s a good move, a positive move.”

Recently, a range hood had been installed and booths stood ready beside freshly painted walls in the building, the former home of Northwoods Guitar. Hyatt’s tentative plans are to open the doors on Friday. Shop hours will be 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday, with lunch service starting at 11 a.m. Sunday hours have yet to be determined.

More information on the donut shop, including the opening date, is available on the Facebook page. A business website is expected to launch soon at

For information about donut delivery or to rent upstairs office space in the building, call (218) 206-8411.