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Superior man charged with attempted homicide after allegedly pulling knife on police officer

Gregory Thompson

A 30-year-old Superior man remained in custody Thursday after being charged with attempted first degree intentional homicide of a Superior Police officer following an incident earlier in the week.

Gregory Thompson was charged in Douglas County Court, and faces additional charges — resisting an officer, attempt to disarm a police officer and disorderly conduct — from an incident Tuesday at a Superior residence. His bail was set at $10,000.

The Superior officer, a sergeant, was not injured in the incident, during which Thompson allegedly pulled a concealed knife on the officer while he attempted to get Thompson to leave his mother’s residence.

The knife was a large, dagger-style weapon, which the officer knocked from Thompson’s hand. Thompson then made multiple attempts to access the officer’s firearm while resisting attempts to be handcuffed, authorities said. Once in custody, police said, Thompson made multiple statements that he was trying to kill the arresting officer.

“This incident demonstrates the danger that officers can face while performing their duties,” said Deputy Chief Nicholas Alexander. “It could have resulted in a far more tragic outcome.”

The officer responded to a home on the 5800 block of Banks Avenue, after Thompson’s mother called Tuesday morning to say her son was intoxicated and causing a disturbance. When the officer arrived at about 9 a.m., Thompson was seated in a chair, refusing to leave and being loud and profane, police said. The officer placed Thompson under arrest and, in attempting to get Thompson to his feet, observed the knife in Thompson’s right hand. The officer radioed for assistance sometime during the ensuing struggle.

Thompson continued to resist hand-cuffing when backup officers arrived, requiring officers to pepper spray him until they established control.