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Organization brings together young professionals in Superior

Newcomers to the Superior area now have an opportunity to connect with other professionals, thanks to an organization that focuses on connecting young professionals.

Superior Young Professionals focuses on giving young adults the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed as members of the community. President Eric Siljendahl says whether you’re a student, recent graduate or a newly employed professional, there’s an opportunity to get in touch with other members of the community.

Siljendahl says the group has three main goals.

“Attract, connect and retain young professionals in Superior,” he said. “The overall objective is to create a better community to live, work and play for the young professional is our community.”

Lynne Williams, the group’s secretary, said the response indicates there is strong interest in the community in such an effort.

“Our overwhelming response of turnout, as well the organizations who are willing to help sponsor these events, show’s that there was a need for an organization like this,” Williams said.

The organization ended the year with about 150 members. They have had an average of 50-60 people per event. The organization holds two different types of events sponsored by local companies.

“We have a combination of social get-togethers, where we try and make it more of a casual type experience for people to get together and talk and get to know other young professionals in our community,” Williams said. “We are trying to partner that with a lunch-and-learn type series where we deliver some type of professional development, some sort of education type topic, something to better them in their careers or their lives.”

Siljendahl said Superior Young Professionals have met with member from Fuse Duluth, a similar organization across the harbor.

“Our goal is to create a better community for the Twin Ports, specifically for Superior, but we are all still one community so we want to make sure that we’re working with everyone within our community not competing against anyone,” Siljendahl said.

Williams said there are new job opportunities and changes in Superior that their organization can help with.

“There is a lot of really exciting industry and changes happening in the city of Superior, a lot of new jobs being created,” Siljendahl said. “We want to be at the forefront; talking with Kestrel making sure the new employees they’re bringing in to town know about our organization and can get connected through our organization.”

Superior Young Professionals is planning to hold ten events this year. The organization’s next event is today. For more information on how to join the organization, visit