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Duluth City Council votes to revoke liquor license for Twins Bar

The Duluth City Council voted unanimously Monday night to revoke the liquor license for the Twins Bar.

The Alcohol, Gambling and Tobacco Commission voted last month to recommend that the City Council pull the bar’s license, after frequent problems with the bar since it opened last November, including frequent police calls, unpaid taxes and a shooting incident.

Owner Carl Green wanted the commission to reconsider pulling his liquor license. Green was renting the bar space from Charlie Lemon, who once ran the Twins Bar. It has not been open for several weeks.

 “I believe I have federal rights,” Green said. “If they revoke this license, then I’m going to sue the city, the Police Department, and I’m not sure who else.”

City Councilor Jay Fosle and several other councilors agreed action needed to be taken to support the Alcohol, Gambling and Tobacco Commission’s decision.

 “There are a lot of issues behind this bar,” Fosle said. “If you have to sue us, fine, but we must take action.”