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Walker: No problem with son attending same-sex wedding

Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday that he has no problem with his teenage son’s decision to serve as an official witness to a family member’s gay marriage last month.

During the weeklong window in early June when clerks were issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, 19-year-old Alex Walker served as a legal witness to a wedding between Walker’s wife Tonette Walker’s cousin and her same-sex partner.

Gov. Walker, who has a long record of supporting Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage, was asked Tuesday whether his son had his blessing to be a witness.

“He doesn’t need my blessing to do anything he does,” Walker said. “Yes, I knew that, and it’s perfectly fine for him to do that. In terms of marriages, I’m not a lawyer. The courts are ultimately the place where that’s being decided right now.”

Walker was also asked whether he’d talked about same-sex marriage with his son and whether this was a sign that the two see the issue differently.

“He was at a family member’s event,” Walker said. “This is not a policy statement on his behalf. This is something where he was with a family member, and it’s a family member we love dearly.”

Alex Walker attended the wedding at the same time Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen was vigorously trying to stop clerks from issuing marriage licenses, going as far as to say that they could be breaking the law. Walker said Van Hollen’s comments did not apply to his son.

“He didn’t talk about individuals. He talked about clerks, specifically,” Walker said. “My son’s not a clerk, so I don’t think there’s any problem there.”

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