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Hibbing hotel fire prompts evacuation Tuesday

A fire Tuesday at the Hibbing Park Hotel caused guests to evacuate and later to relocate to an unaffected area of the hotel.

The Hibbing Fire Department responded to an automatic fire alarm as well as 911 calls from hotel occupants at 4:16 p.m., to find “a smoke condition throughout the hotel,” said Hibbing Fire Department Battalion Chief Chris Petrack.

A fire was located inside the wall between two rooms on the second floor. Firefighters had to “open up the wall,” Petrack said, allowing the engine crew to knock down the fire with a single hose line. The fire did not extend to the truss loft of the building.

Firefighters got rid of as much smoke as they could. The Hibbing fire marshall is investigating the as-yet unknown cause of the fire. There were no injuries, but the fire damaged both rooms involved and caused water and smoke damage to parts of the hotel. There were no damage estimates in the immediate wake of the cleanup.

Hibbing Fire Department called aid resources from Chisolm and Keewatin, along with a ladder company from Virginia.

Relocated customers “were taken care of,” Petrack said.