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Hayward school raises $90,000 in heart disease campaign

Hayward Primary School is just a hop, skip -- and a few swings away from its audacious fundraising goal.

The school in the Sawyer County town best known for Nordic skiing has raised about $90,000 in the American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart campaign, said Dave Dixon, the school's physical education teacher.

After the school raised $47,900 last year, Dixon set the goal this year to be the first school in the event's 35-year history to reach six figures.

Although centered in the school and kids who jumped rope on Feb. 13, after collecting pledges, the fundraiser is really a community event in Hayward, population 2,313. Dixon said on Wednesday that he hopes a May 10 golf tournament will take the campaign the rest of the way.

The deadline to turn money over to the heart association is June 30, Dixon said.

Hayward, which raised the fifth-highest amount of money of any school in the country in 2013, probably is even closer to the top of the heap this year, Dixon said. Only one school, in the Rochester, N.Y., area, has ever raised more than $90,000 before.