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UWS forms partnership with French university

The University of Wisconsin-Superior has formed a partnership with a university in the Normandy region of France.

The agreement is with the University of Le Havre, an institution similar to UWS because of its location in a port community; Le Havre is located where the Seine River empties into the English Channel. The partnership includes a student exchange that will start in both schools’ transportation and logistics management programs that also will allow for joint research and an exchange of teaching methods and faculty.

Nearly 200 Le Havre students already are studying transportation and logistics in English, and UWS officials say its students would be prepared to study in France with four semesters of French language courses and a business French course.

The agreement was prompted by a former UWS international student from France who proposed the idea to Le Havre officials, who, in turn, contacted UWS. UWS officials said they hope the agreement will expand beyond the transportation program.