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Reports of armed man making threats prompt police response in Solway Township

Reports of an armed man making threats brought a significant law enforcement response to Solway Township on Wednesday evening — and prompted a youth baseball team to cut short its practice on a nearby field.

Rocco Schinigoi is the assistant coach of a coach-pitch baseball team representing Proctor. He and the team left the Solway Town Hall ballfield in a hurry Wednesday, truncating practice after authorities responded to the domestic disturbance nearby and told them, Schinigoi said, that “it’s not a good idea to be around.”

“We were basically playing baseball,” Schinigoi said, “and the next thing we knew there were police.”

St. Louis County sheriff’s deputies descended on the area near U.S. Highway 2 and Munger Shaw Road west of Proctor on reports of a 34-year-old Cloquet man threatening to use a gun. Two 911 calls emanated from the man’s parents’ home on the 4000 block of Munger Shaw Road.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Wade Rasch reported that the suspect showed up at the house looking for his wife. Rasch said initial calls indicated the man had a handgun and threatened to use it; the original 911 call came from his wife, and the second call came from another of the six people in the home.

Deputies and other responding authorities approached the area with guns drawn. The suspect reportedly pushed his father, but authorities never observed a gun and the man was apprehended peacefully outside the home. He was taken to the St. Louis County Jail on misdemeanor domestic disturbance charges.