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Police: Suspect wore GPS ankle bracelet during home invasion in Duluth

A Duluth man out of jail on pretrial supervised release after allegedly robbing a Subway restaurant at gunpoint last month is back in jail, this time accused of breaking into a Lincoln Park residence, smashing a glass vase over a woman’s head and running off with a credit card, cellphone and jewelry.

Tommy Ray Morgan, 27, was charged Tuesday with first-degree assault, first-degree aggravated robbery and first-degree burglary. Judge Peter

Albrecht set his bail at $100,000.

Morgan already was facing first-degree aggravated robbery charges in connection with the April 25 robbery of the Lincoln Park Subway. He allegedly robbed the store in broad daylight, and police tracked his footprints in the fresh snow to find and arrest him. Morgan later was released from jail on intensive supervised release, which included GPS monitoring.

Police now say evidence connects Morgan to a robbery on May 18 at a residence on the 2600 block of West Fourth Street. Police said Morgan was living at a nearby residence, 107 N. 26th Ave. W., at the time of the burglary.

Morgan’s next court appearance is set for June 11.

According to the criminal complaint:

Squads responded to the woman’s residence  about midnight May 18 on  the report of a burglary.

“The victim had a large laceration across the bridge of her nose, a second large laceration of her right eye, a third laceration to her head, severe bruising and swelling to her eye sockets, constant gushing blood from her nose, and required emergency medical treatment,” according to the complaint.

The woman was transported to the hospital via ambulance and was scheduled to undergo plastic surgery on Tuesday to repair multiple facial fractures.

The alleged victim was able to tell police that she had heard strange sounds outside her home while she was in bed. Later, she heard someone inside her house. The intruder entered her bedroom, wearing a mask, gloves and dark clothing, and demanded money or jewelry.

“When the Victim verbally resisted, Defendant picked up a heavy glass vase and smashed it directly in her face,” the complaint states.

The intruder took off with the woman’s cellphone, two purses and a box of jewelry.

Through a subsequent investigation, officers determined that a resident of 107 N. 26th Ave. W. had been using a credit card that was stolen from the woman. Officers executed a search warrant, finding the woman’s jewelry, purses and phone. Other residents at the address allegedly told police that Morgan had confessed to them regarding the home invasion.

Police checked on the status of Morgan’s GPS monitoring ankle bracelet and learned that he had been present in the woman’s home the night of the burglary, according to data from the device. Police said he cut the bracelet off the day after the home invasion.

Morgan was later arrested and told police he couldn’t have committed the robbery because he was in Superior. Police said he was also found to be in possession of heroin.