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Matters of record received Dec. 2, 2017

District Court

St. Louis County

Nov. 29

Kahlie A. M. Blegen, 18, Duluth, domestic assault, adjudication stayed on two years of probation with conditions including three days in local confinement and counseling.

Kyle C. Dunaiski, 33, Duluth, stalking - repeatedly making telephone calls and sending texts, one year in local confinement or NERCC, 185 days stayed on two years of probation with conditions including Domestic Abuse Batterers Intervention Program.

Jack R. Nagel, 57, Superior, possession of a controlled substance, fined $50 and 49 days in local confinement.

David M. Yang, 27, Duluth, second count of assault, one year in local confinement, 353 days stayed on two years of probation with conditions; first count of assault, dismissed.

Dec. 1

Monsaur O. Adeyemi, 28, Duluth, driving after suspension and two counts of driving after revocation, fined $200 per each count.

Rebecca L. Davidson, 26, Duluth, felony theft, imposition stayed on three years of probation with conditions including a $50 fine, 12 days in local confinement, $1,200 drug court fee and $2,752 in restitution.

Kayli M. Hendricks, 21, Duluth, disturbing the neighborhood, dismissed.

Duane D. Livingood II, 46, Saginaw, driving after suspension (offense date 6/6/12), fined $200.

Matthew T. Lynch, 20, Duluth, disturbing the neighborhood, continued for dismissal for six months on condition of no same or similar offense.

Mark Scanlon, 61, Duluth, sale of alcohol to a person under the age of 21, fined $1,000.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. All items are public records submitted by the courthouse in Duluth. Most defendants are also ordered to pay court and/or surcharge fees. Individual requests for items to be withheld will not be granted.