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Marriages & Divorces for Nov. 10, 2017


St. Louis County

October marriage license applications

Tammy Nephew, Hermantown, and Hillary Peterson, Hermantown.

Leonard Groom III, Ely, and Megan Beard, Eveleth.

Jana Pierre, Duluth, and Mark Kiefer, Duluth.

Michael Thompson, Superior, and Kelsey Roche, Superior.

Jason Wehr, Duluth, and Tarah D'Anna Brooks, Duluth.

Kelly Koss, Union, Ky., and Nikolaus Zgraggen, Union.

Robert Johnson, Duluth, and Emily Wartman, Duluth.

Alexandra Olson, Duluth, and Jack Hom, Duluth.

Joshua Jurek, Hermantown, and Janessa Runquist, Duluth.

Andrew Auginash, Duluth, and Alisha Beaulieu, Duluth.

Troy Kubes, Duluth, and Grace Zenner, Duluth.

Nicole Leone, Duluth, and Kyler Swalby, Duluth.

Tiffany Berens, Duluth, and William Hartman, Duluth.

Joel Wuorio, Duluth, and Lauryn Wilson, Duluth.

Elvira Rudderow, Hibbing, and Darnea Olson Sr., Hibbing.

Jordan Krebsbach, Virginia, and Carissa Birchem, Virginia.

Grace Hinton, Burnsville, Minn., and Molly Martinez, Burnsville.

Clyo Howard, Meadowlands, and Beryl Wells Hamilton, Meadowlands.

Terrence Harte, Duluth, and Miyuki Furusho, Duluth.

Jon Holm, Duluth, and Jerrie Koskela, Duluth.

Rozlyn Myer, Duluth, and Earl Abrahamson, Duluth.

Brandon Wietman, Duluth, and Kelly Lind, Duluth.

Lawrence Sommer, Duluth, and Alice Delawyer, Duluth.

Renee Marthe, Duluth, and Byron Grytdahl, Duluth.

Allison Kresal, Duluth, and Cody Johnson, Duluth.

Benjamin Watczak, Duluth, and Josie Steinmetz, Duluth.

Courtney Stolp, Battle Ground, Wash., and Tyler Sarkinen, Battle Ground.

David Holland, Rapid City, S.D., and Rebecca Bailey, Duluth.

Hayley Moede, Forest Lake, Minn., and Houston Matanowski, Forest Lake.

Rick Totz, St. Cloud, Minn., and Veronica Montag, St. Cloud.

Sarah Miller, Wrenshall, and Kyle Maniekee, Wrenshall.

Alicia Coughlin, Proctor, and Blaine Heil, Proctor.

Alyssa Jones, Duluth, and Devin McMullin, Duluth.

Maren Shallman, Ely, and Samuel Kujawa, Ely.

Mark Bustos, Bloomington, Minn., and Taylor Vezina, Bloomington.

Jacob Whiting, Iowa City, Iowa, and Emily Lindquist, Iowa City.

Darlene Cayo, Virginia, and Steven Hunter, Mountain Iron.

Shannon Paulson, St. Bonifacius, Minn., and Gage Moden, Superior.

Derek Jokinen, Sawyer, and Arianna Sather, Duluth.

Marissa Johnson, Peoria, Ariz., and Michael Desjardins, Peoria.

Graham Hanson, Richfield, Minn., and Kylie Ketcho, Duluth.

Ashley Rolin, Duluth, and Andrew Peterson, Duluth.

Kimberly Hollencamp, Duluth, and Brandon Shimmin, Hermantown.

James Nehl, Hoyt Lakes, and Michelle Metzer, Hoyt Lakes.

Jonathan Bird, Virginia, and Marissa Linden, Virginia.

Daniel Parrish, Superior, and Chelsie Andera, Superior.

John Markovich, Duluth, and Beth Markovich, Duluth.

Trevor Brown Sr., Cloquet, and Sharon Smith, Cloquet.

Shane Thomas, Duluth, and Amy Hoover, Duluth.

Chelsey Coley, Silver Bay, and Robert McKay III, Duluth.

Ryan Hall, Duluth, and Jolee Rosenquist, Duluth.

Katie Johnson, Duluth, and Joshua Mourin, Duluth.

Jacob Staffa, Hibbing, and Alexis Taylor, Hibbing.

David Ritchie, Duluth, and Shelby Curry, Duluth.

Ashlynn Carlson, Richfield, Minn., and Quinn Sellon, Richfield.

Matthew Carlson, Cook, and Callista Nynas, Gilbert.

Shawn Olesewski, Duluth, and Meghan Briski, Duluth.

Julie Carlson, Duluth, and Daniel Nieman, Duluth.

Jesse Frankson, St. Paul, and Ryan Kaster, Aurora.

James Stimmell, Cocoa, Fla., and Julie McDonough, Cocoa.

Mariah Kirsh-Binner, Minot, N.D., and Joshua Crittenden, Minot.

Elizabeth Hauschildt, Duluth, and Christopher Ream, Duluth.

Aimee Owens, Proctor, and Jeremy Erickson, Bayfield.

Jeanette Larson, Cloquet, and Kenneth Stimart, Duluth.

Daniel Ostrander, Keewatin, and Jackie Politano, Keewatin.

Caleb Kimball, Aurora, and Kailyn Ballard, Aurora.

Wayne Scheer, Cotton, and Sharon Scheer, Cotton.

Thomas Skerjance, Iron, and Alaxandra McComb, Iron.

Michael Gauger, Tucson, Ariz., and Mary Bower, Duluth.

Josiah Booth, Duluth, and Tiffaney Maas, Duluth.

Madelyn David, Inver Grove Heights, Minn., and Jeffrey Gailfus, Rolla, N.D.

Sidney Boyd, Duluth, and Jennifer Oliver, Duluth.

Beth Bennett, Hibbing, and Jacob Polsfuss, Hibbing.

Christopher Parsons, Duluth, and Roseanna Blommel, Duluth.

Matthew Kelley, Virginia, and Michaela Longrie, Virginia.

Alexandra Setnosky, Iron, and Dustyn Hadersbeck, Iron.

Jennifer Recore, Virginia, and Matthew Port, Virginia.

Kalley Olson, Los Angeles, and David Bonine IV, Los Angeles.

Robert Johnson, Superior, and Hyunju Park, Ansan, South Korea.

Andrew Ladzinski, Duluth, and Rachel Kuntz, Duluth.

Daniel Jukich, Nashwauk, and Patrice Buck, Nashwauk.

Cory Craven, Superior, and Alaysha Phillips, Superior.

Sebastian Spurrell, Duluth, and Lauren Landry, Duluth.

Christopher Zagala, Minneapolis, and Marie Pasch, Minneapolis.

Beth Czernewski, Eveleth, and Kristopher King, Orr.

Ryan Hanson, Hibbing, and Julie Thul, Side Lake.

Dissolutions of marriage

Deborah A. Kohs Mathias, confidential address, and Mikel R. Mathias, confidential address.

James Q. Jones, Duluth, and Sarah M. Jones, Duluth.

Jeff A. Iverson, Hermantown, and Sandy K. Iverson, Duluth.

Lydia L. Anikin, La Crescent, Minn., and Nikolai N. Anikin, Duluth.

Amanda M. Eastlick, Duluth, and Brian T. Eastlick, Duluth.

Aaron P. McDonald, Duluth, and Julie McDonald, Tabor, Iowa.

Nicole R. Robinson, Duluth, and Donovan J. Robinson, Deer River.

James R. Prendergast, Superior, and Julie K. Prendergast, Duluth.

Christopher J. Dornbush, Duluth, and Shannon E. Dornbush, Duluth.

Brady T. Vidovic, Duluth, and Tess E. Vidovic, Duluth.

Deborah J. Krause, Gilbert, and Kenneth C. Krause II, Saginaw.

Jennifer E. Rouse, Duluth, and Joseph A. Rouse, Superior.

Han L. Taylor, Silver Bay, and Stephanie J. Taylor, Duluth.

Derek Olson, Duluth, and Teresa J. Olson, Duluth.

Jenny M. Armstrong, Duluth, and Joseph A. Armstrong, Saginaw.

Michael T. McAdamis, Duluth, and Stephanie J. McAdamis, Duluth.

Julia Cherotich, Duluth, and Chase J. Thomas, Duluth.

Larry J. Dauer, Duluth, and Wendy J. Dauer, Duluth.

Jessica R. Sieber, Duluth, and Cody Sheik, Duluth.

Charles R. Coccie, Cloquet, and Julie A. Coccie, Duluth.

Kelly M. LeDoux, Duluth, and Paul D. LeDoux, Duluth.

Scott A. Carlson, Eveleth, and Kimberly J. Carlson, Virginia.

Kim L. Bakken-Hladilek, Duluth, and Michael B. Hladilek, Phillips, Wis.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.