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Pressroom Podcast: A Duluth for all people

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Employment equality, affordable housing, and making sure city services are accessible to all people are just a few of the things that keep Duluth Human Rights Officer Carl Crawford busy every day.  

On this week’s episode, Crawford shares what his job is like, what things he’s doing to improve the city, how he measures his success, and how he thinks we are doing as a community.

“The challenge we have is the idea that we live in a post-racial society. That in fact is not true,” Crawford says on this week’s episode. “The same is true if you believe everyone has the same opportunities regardless of your beginnings in life. And we know that’s not true. But the opportunity is for us to learn from that and not stay there.”

What we are into this week: “Manhunt” on Netflix, MLB baseball playoffs, Jennifer Egan’s new book “Manhattan Beach,” and the book “From Jailer to Jailed,” by Bernard Kerik.

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