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Marriages & Divorces for Oct. 13, 2017


St. Louis County

September marriage license applications

Jason Harder, Duluth, and Ashley Hansen, Duluth.

Ashley Leighton, Duluth, and Thomas Haggy, Duluth.

Samantha Jennings, Superior, and Colin Vogel, Esko.

William Walz, Duluth, and Melanie Olson, Duluth.

Mia Marturano, Duluth, and Jameson Lundquist, Duluth.

Jesse Alston, Laramie, Wyo., and Jessica Rick, Laramie.

Jesse Englert, Hibbing, and Kristen Groen, Hibbing.

Valerie Scola, Duluth, and Matthew Bordson, Duluth.

Cheyenne Johnson, Floodwood, and Eric Fjeld, Floodwood.

Steven Zurek, Fall Creek, Wis., and Jennifer Weikle, Eau Claire, Wis.

Kristin Lusian, Duluth, and Michael Saline, Duluth.

Cynthia Sweet, Morgantown, W. Va., and Paul Campbell, Morgantown.

April Bellanger, Cloquet, and Kevin La Chapelle, Cloquet.

Andrew Norby, Moose Lake, and Jenna Veldman, Moose Lake.

Tiffany Kunnari, Britt, and Jordan Lokken, Britt.

Ashley Ethier, Duluth, and Kyle Walczak, Duluth.

Mercedeez Sklors, Hibbing, and Tyler Samson, Hibbing.

Marissa Thibault, Alborn, and Kory Saver, Alborn.

James Kasola, Buhl, and Mona Giroux, Buhl.

Bryan McBride, Superior, and Brianna Jelle, Superior.

Douglas Runnoe, Duluth, and Susan Van Loon, Saginaw.

Rachel Amadio, Duluth, and Benjamin Mork, Duluth.

Amanda Hill, Chisholm, and TJ Dusterhoft, Chisholm.

Katy Haakensen, Hermantown, and Skyler Murray, Hermantown.

Lori Spilde, Duluth, and Timothy Rasch II, Duluth.

Jacob Beavers, Vancouver, Canada, and Anna Ringsred, Vancouver.

David Hill, Side Lake, and Karen Frider, Hibbing.

Derek Schubert, Proctor, and Kelsey Burke, Proctor.

Kyle Youngblom, Oakland, Calif., and Ljubinko Miljkovic, Oakland.

Miranda Ojard, Duluth, and Perry Fagan, Duluth.

Garrison Griffin, Duluth, and Heidi Benzer, Superior.

Samuel Rusco, Hibbing, and Neriah Adams, Keewatin.

Jake Doherty, Hibbing, and Angela Samsa, Hibbing.

Aaron Madison, Saginaw, and Ashley Rudd, Saginaw.

Michael Giddings, Hermantown, and Aili Balaich, Hermantown.

Robert Rutka, Duluth, and Hannah Olson, Duluth.

Beth Peterson, Duluth, and Nathan Kleinke, Duluth.

Amanda Berggren, Duluth, and Zachary Plaster, Duluth.

Edward Simon, Duluth, and Madina Zhaksylyk, Duluth.

Kristine Rykken, Minneapolis, and Brett Frydenlend, Minneapolis.

Jason Grimm, Duluth, and Catherine Lucken, Duluth.

Stefanie Scofield, Pengilly, and Nickolas Borowicz, Pengilly.

Shannon Stenlund, Zim, and Caleb Gillson, Buyck.

Murray Kinsey, Babbitt, and Corinna Erickson, Babbitt.

Kjersten Soeffker-Benson, Superior, and Aaron Chase, Superior.

Jodie Monson, Duluth, and Michael Smith, Duluth.

Debra Coyle, Duluth, and Noll Binner, Duluth.

Michael Larson, Ely, and Corissa Cram, Ely.

Jonathan Lundquist, Duluth, and Kaitlyn Jerrick, Duluth.

Kalee Meredith, Duluth, and Jason Krupke, Duluth.

Michael Powers, Proctor, and Sarah Bergh, Proctor.

Nina Wray, Ely, and Brian Liggett, Ely.

Robert Semaan, Duluth, and Laura Kunath, Duluth.

Savannah Johnson, Culver, and Christopher Johnston, Culver.

Stephanie Radovich, Hibbing, and Kenneth Bouchie, Chisholm.

James Couture Sr., Cloquet, and Tammy Denzel, Brookston.

Kelly Paskvan Peterson, Virginia, and Charles Ahlstrand, Virginia.

Maureen Ranum, Mountain Iron, and Rodney Ranum, Mountain Iron.

Travis Taylor, Virginia, and Rhonda Niemi, Virginia.

Elise Stage, Ely, and Taner Buckta, Ely.

Mari Hardel, Duluth, and Tyler Henkels, Duluth.

Joshua Kahihia, Duluth, and Edith Thuo, Duluth.

Quinn Carlson, Duluth, and Chelsey Larsen, Duluth.

James Baird, Duluth, and Talbrey Benson-Goupil, Duluth.

William Chicos, Duluth, and Nancy McGonnell, Duluth.

Rachel Boppre, Mountain Iron, and Michael Olson, Virginia.

Renardo Straughter, Virginia, and Angela Bowman, Virginia.

Andrew Whiffen, Chisholm, and Jenny Mikulich, Chisholm.

Elsa Edblom, Duluth, and David Norlen, Hermantown.

Daniel Peer, Duluth, and Julie Panetti, Two Harbors.

Timothy Collins, Duluth, and Shauna Whitepigeon, Duluth.

Tamara Morin, Mountain Iron, and Mark Duame, Mountain Iron.

Sara Wierimaa, Hibbing, and Eric Rhein, Mountain Iron.

Cody Backman, Duluth, and Cecelia Benson, Duluth.

Paige Mortaloni, Virginia, and Eddie Ferguson, Virginia.

Gilead Nunn-Askevold, Superior, and Stephanie Randby, Superior.

Jerry Jussila, Ely, and Cynthia Gavin, Ely.

Steven Ball, Chisholm, and Jennifer Covell, Chisholm.

Erik Nelson, Virginia, and Armi Marie San Felix, Virginia.

Nicole Jackson, Lakeville, Minn., and Luke McCracken, Isanti, Minn.

Emily Borra, Duluth, and Blake Peterson, Duluth.

Katherine Frehner, Duluth, and James Walker, Duluth.

Joshua Creger, Duluth, and Laura Goossen, Duluth.

Kandis Mattson, Orr, and Jose Garcia, Orr.

Ariana Miketin, Esko, and Kyle Homich, Superior.

Brianna Aho, Babbitt, and Tye Alexander, Babbitt.

Adam Bybee, Duluth, and Rachel Stout, Duluth.

Angie Aristizabal Ruiz, Duluth, and Jacob Johnson, Duluth.

Jeffrey Bredeson, Centerville, Minn., and Molly West, Centerville.

Jacob Bernard, Iron, and Brooke Gulbranson, Eveleth.

Dante Pettinari, Virginia, and Katherine Anderson, Virginia.

Amanda Kinghorn, Saginaw, and Joshua Hansen, Saginaw.

Kasey Longstreet, Duluth, and David Hanson, Duluth.

James Schnortz, Hibbing, and Courtney Anderson, Hibbing.

Bryan Bieniek, Saginaw, and Katelyn Konietzko, Saginaw.

Susan Dahlberg, Duluth, and Ronald Laliberte, Duluth.

Ian Scherber, Duluth, and Mary Rumpca, Duluth.

Katina Petsoulis, Duluth, and Logan Kerkhof, Duluth.

Kelli Lubahn, Edina, Minn., and Derrick Elliott, Edina.

Peter Drinkwine, Superior, and Caitlin Vaughan, Superior.

Amanda Dahl, Duluth, and Logan Sales, Duluth.

Susan Oberg, Duluth, and Michelle Martin, Duluth.

Travis Zollar, Iron, and Jessica MacDonald, Duluth.

Melissa Smith, Duluth, and Kyle Bolander, Duluth.

Madelyn Borrell, St. Cloud, and Joseph Cutler, St. Cloud.

Lucas Cooper, Eden Prairie, Minn., and Brooke Blaisdell, Virginia.

Jeffrey Meyers, Duluth, and Nicole Oppelt, Duluth.

Christopher White, Duluth, and Lindsey Molstad, Duluth.

Brandon Killen, Duluth, and Joshua Barnett, Duluth.

Adam Field, Proctor, and Ashley Scanlon, Proctor.

Cassie Najjar, Superior, and Kenneth Grothe, Superior.

Jacob Moldenhauer, Hermantown, and Claire Radintz, Hermantown.

Lexie Omundson Barcus, Alborn, and Christopher Lafave, Saginaw.

Amber Woollett, Cloquet, and Anthoney Wilton, Cloquet.

Megan Hoel, Duluth, and Sean Seczko, Duluth.

William Anderson, International Falls, and Tracey Sipola, Hibbing.

Lynsey Wolff, Duluth, and Chad Haala, Duluth.

Heather Rice, Hibbing, and Cole Jeffers, Hibbing.

Jake McGraw, Duluth, and Molly Wilson, Duluth.

Rayanna Kehtel, Duluth, and Cody Gaskell, Esko.

Kayla Wicklund, Duluth, and Nicholas Glumac, Duluth.

Thomas McArthur, Duluth, and Megan Messel, Duluth.

Luana Bruckelmyer, Duluth, and Jace Aili, Duluth.

Joseph Berger, Duluth, and Marissa Johnsen, Duluth.

Matthew Landry, Duluth, and Wendy McClure, Duluth.

Rebecca Patton, Side Lake, and Patricia Dunlavy, Side Lake.

Daniel Krause, Duluth, and Amber Snow, Duluth.

Elizabeth Walsh, Duluth, and Nicholas Nygaard, Duluth.

Robert Spoke, Soldotna, Alaska, and Cynthia Brown, Kenai, Alaska.

Megan Halverson, Winton, and Austin Rudesill, Winton.

Kyle Nelson, Apple Valley, Minn., and Amanda Glowacki, Apple Valley.

Jordan Daml, Cedar, Minn., and Miranda King, Alborn.

Patricia Monacelli, Virginia, and Enrico Welsch, Virginia.

Timothy Andrew, Duluth, and Laura Langseth, Duluth.

Heidi Hautala, Hoyt Lakes, and Robert Hannu, Hoyt Lakes.

Angela Hansen, Duluth, and Matthew Nelson, Duluth.

Andrew Hennek, Duluth, and Ellen Kuechle, Duluth.

Chelsy Greek, Duluth, and Eric Elstad, Duluth.

Lee Homola, Watertown, Minn., and Tammi Bruckelmyer, Duluth.

Mary Magnuson, Deerfield, Wis., and Jeffrey Bender, Deerfield.

Rajeev Valooran, Minneapolis, and Lindsay Schonborn, Minneapolis.

Gary Milton, Chisholm, and Amy Nyman, Chisholm.

Sarah Reyna, Duluth, and David Reyna Lumbreras, San Antonio.

Dissolutions of marriage

Carrie M. Sola, Duluth, and Steven H. Sola, Duluth.

Duncan Puffer, Hermantown, and Stephanie Puffer, Hermantown.

Olaf Kuhlke, Duluth, and Kari L. Kuhlke, Duluth.

Michael P. Wolfe, Alexandria, Minn., and Kristina M. Wolfe, Duluth.

Bruce Armstrong, Duluth, and Rose M. Armstrong, no city listed.

Michelle H. Gribbon, Hermantown, and Randy C. Gribbon, Duluth.

Benjamin D. Thoen, Duluth, and Hailey M. Thoen, Hastings, Minn.

Steven J. Hamilton, Duluth, and Brittney E. Johnson-Hamilton, Waseca, Minn.

Jennifer M. Snyder, Duluth, and Jason C. Snyder, Duluth.

Charlene L. Osbakken, Duluth, and Jay L. Osbakken, no city listed.

Marc B. Leneau, Duluth, and Leanne M. Leneau, Duluth.

Debbie L. Dearmond, Duluth, and Daniel A. Dearmond, Duluth.

Patrick M. Avello, Duluth, and Violetta V. Avello, no city listed.

Lisa M. Miskulin, Duluth, and Brandon L. Miskulin, Duluth.

Christopher G. Bongiovanni, Duluth, and Lorah K. Bongiovanni, Duluth.

Anthony L. Wagner, Byron, Minn., and Candice F. Wagner, Hermantown.

John D. Russell, Superior, and Sara C. Russell, Duluth.

Tara A. Jeanetta, Duluth, and Alexander J. Jeanetta-Aho, Duluth.

Stephen E. Lawson, Duluth, and Jennifer L. Patton Lawson, Minneapolis.

David D. Lynch, Floodwood, and Marilyn L. Lynch, Cloquet.

Dee E. Treviranus, Hermantown, and Raymond L. Treviranus, Duluth.

Rawlin W. Hart, Duluth, and Stacy C. Hart, Proctor.

Michael J. Peterson, Duluth, and Anh P. T. Peterson, no city listed.

Betty E. Camp, no city listed, and Craig K. Camp, Duluth.

Sandra K. Ronning, Duluth, and Robert F. Ronning, Duluth.

Danica M. Rosario, Saginaw, and David S. Rosario II, Duluth.

James P. Cosgrove, Duluth, and Martha C. Cosgrove, Duluth.

Amanda M. Hurley, Duluth, and Daniel J. Hurley, Duluth.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.