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Study: Minnesota happiest state in U.S.

Minnesota State Capitol Forum News Service file photo

ST. PAUL --  Minnesota is the happiest state in the U.S., according to a study by personal finance website WalletHub.

The criteria used to make the joyous announcement were lowest share of adult depression, highest adequate sleep rate, highest sports participation rate, lowest suicide rate, fewest work hours, lowest long-term jobless rate, highest income growth, highest volunteer rate, lowest divorce rate and safest place to be.

South Dakota was No. 7 happiest state, while North Dakota was 14th.

Minnesota vaulted into the top spot by placing  third in the adequate sleep and volunteer rate and fourth in lowest divorce rate and safest place to live.

North Dakota also did well in several categories, but fell in the rankings because of a No. 48 ranking in most hours worked.  The Peace Garden State, however, was ranked first in lowest long-term jobless rate and highest income growth and second in lowest divorce rate.

South Dakota made it in the top 10 list by ranking second in highest income growth, volunteer rate and adequate sleep.

Utah was second on the happiest state list, while Oklahoma and West Virginia were at the bottom.

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