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Marriages & Divorces for Sept. 8, 2017


St. Louis County

August marriage license applications

Zachary Desy, Embarrass, and Mia Boelk, Embarrass.

Ethan Russom, Duluth, and Travis Willoughby, Duluth.

Kyle Fagerstrom, Chisholm, and Nicole Blagoue, Hibbing.

Michael Lathrop, Duluth, and Tessa Fitzgerald, Duluth.

Robert Murray Jr., Duluth, and Susan Nystrom, Duluth.

Larry Moore Sr., Hibbing, and Cynthia O'Conner, Hibbing.

Gregg Schweiger, Duluth, and Judith Hedman, Duluth.

Joseph Mathews, Hibbing, and Melissa Lippincott, Hibbing.

Nicole Peterson, Duluth, and Deran McKeen, Duluth.

Amy Kleman, Ely, and Corey Musel, Ely.

Lisa Ragatz, Knife River, and Kyle Hanson, Knife River.

Isaac Kidd, Duluth, and Anna Perry, Duluth.

Dennis Eaves Jr., Duluth, and Lisa Bushnell, Duluth.

Skye Blacketter, Duluth, and Shaun Himango, Duluth.

Matthew Bothwell, Virginia, and Kimberlee Wittrock, Virginia.

Matthew Danielson, Superior, and Kaylee Manz, Superior.

Linnea Peterson, Ely, and Aven Held, Ely.

Paige Olds, Hibbing, and Zachary Letendre, Hibbing.

Ellen Johnson, Golden Valley, Minn., and Jeremy Erickson, Golden Valley.

Amanda Davis, Duluth, and Connor McLeod, Duluth.

Rebecca Sattler, Duluth, and Andrew Johnson, Duluth.

Briana Von Elbe, Duluth, and Jason Manning, Duluth.

Sarah Lyle, St. Joseph, Mo., and Clay Miller, Wentzville, Mo.

Stephanie Carlson, Seattle, and Brian Erola, Seattle.

John Templeton, Hibbing, and Angel Stoll, Ely.

Stephanie Libby, Duluth, and Michael Granke, Duluth.

Ashton Halone, Minot, N.D., and Jonathan Schmidt, Minot.

Emily Cochran, Duluth, and Jeremy Craig, Duluth.

Brita Ness, Duluth, and Chad Wilson, Duluth.

Thomas Jindra, Duluth, and Elizabeth Iverson, Duluth.

Meliita Thygeson-Wright, Duluth, and Hanif Powe, Duluth.

Aaron Thiry, Superior, and Heather Shelton, Superior.

Paula Polasky, Duluth, and Dirk Meyer, Duluth.

Chase Miller, Meadowlands, and Madeline Cherne, Kelsey.

Karen McNeal, Chisholm, and Paul McNeal, Chisholm.

Lillian Millsop, Mountain Iron, and Dylan Peterson, Mountain Iron.

Joshua Huot, Charlotte, N.C., and Ligia Vasquez, Charlotte.

Gina Bugliosi, St. Paul, and Mattia Zammarchi, St. Paul.

Travis Jackson, Duluth, and Kaitlynn Benson, Duluth.

Meshach Ricketts, Duluth, and Vanessa Miller, Duluth.

Ijakephas Hudson, Duluth, and Kennesha Lofton, Duluth.

Fredrick Bell, Aurora, and Amanda Warren, Aurora.

Anna Marie Friesen, Duluth, and Kristofor McNeal, Duluth.

Caleb Fickes, Valdez, Alaska, and Victoria King, Cook.

Amanda Pellman, Esko, and Nicholas Hudson, Esko.

Nathan Cyr, Meadowlands, and Rylee Hooper, Meadowlands.

Richard Chilton, Superior, and Jessica Staples, Superior.

Shyler Gasman, Duluth, and Jasmine Campbell, Duluth.

Tierney Herron, Duluth, and Kevin Christensen, Duluth.

Allison Luczak, Duluth, and Cody Willis, Duluth.

Michelle Clement, Duluth, and Charles Onwudiegwu, Duluth.

James Horner, Esko, and Kelsey Lindsey, Duluth.

Eric Baker, Hermantown, and Annie Greenwood, Hermantown.

Ryan Maki, Hibbing, and Elishe Salo-Wilhelm, Hibbing.

Charles Gerchman, Virginia, and Rebecca Bonk, Virginia.

Diana Peterson, Grand Forks, N.D., and Jonathan Blumhorst, Grand Forks.

Candace Geiger, Ely, and Jason Weyrauch, Ely.

Amber Marti, Duluth, and Jack Vasatka, Duluth.

Justine Hill, Duluth, and Andrew Schwantes, Duluth.

Kristin Sundberg, Duluth, and Robert Kramer, Duluth.

Patti Rowray, Duluth, and Jonathan Rowray, Duluth.

Madeline Schaeffer, Milwaukee, and Mark Emlaw, Milwaukee.

Zachariah Kane, Holyoke, and Corinne Bartz, Holyoke.

Deborah Becker, Superior, and Kevin Sailor, Superior.

Raymond Baughman, Duluth, and Jennifer Williams, Duluth.

Cristy Knutson, Duluth, and Evan Unverdorben, Duluth.

Tyler Gradine, Fort Wayne, Ind., and Chelsea Kauti, Fort Wayne.

Allison Pullar, Duluth, and Aaron Heaslet, Duluth.

Andrew Evans, Aurora, and Nicole Burke, Aurora.

Michael Erickson, Duluth, and Deborah Danielson, Duluth.

Katrina Sautbine, Duluth, and Dylan Boettcher, Duluth.

Ericka Richards, Iron River, and David Froland, Iron River.

Molly Leseman, Hermantown, and Brian White, Hermantown.

Nora Sandstrom, Brookfield, Wis., and Garrett Beck, Brookfield.

Brooke Mohawk, Hibbing, and Matthew Cunha, Hibbing.

Katie Jorgensen, Hermantown, and Phillip Jaski, Hermantown.

Garrett Annexstad, Duluth, and Kimberly Yost, Duluth.

Clare Stockland, Esko, and Bryan Liljegren, Esko.

Michael McGinn, Duluth, and Alena Stuhaug, Duluth.

John Rogentine, Duluth, and Shelby Lonne, Duluth.

Damon Chapman, Hopkins, Minn., and Jenny Palm, Hopkins.

Dawn Plaisted, Duluth, and Hannah Mellesmoen, Duluth.

Matthew Erickson, Duluth, and Samantha Skime, Duluth.

Roger Olson, Superior, and Deborah Ostrom, Superior.

David Murphy, Duluth, and Nancy Debettgnies, Duluth.

Robert Purcell, Duluth, and Eileen Laakso, Duluth.

Jessica King, Gilbert, and John St. Lawrence, Gilbert.

Genevieve Kec, Buyck, and Jerrett Crain, Buyck.

Brady Bahneman, Hermantown, and Janis Flug, Hermantown.

Emily Kluck, Duluth, and John Meyer, Duluth.

Samantha Kliewer, Floodwood, and Grant Simpson, Floodwood.

Megan McCauley, Duluth, and Mathew Syria, Duluth.

Nathan Rosty, Duluth, and Kylie Wahl, Duluth.

Kjell Swanson, Duluth, and Jennifer Uhrich, Ely.

Michelle Malkovich, Duluth, and Eric Bleicher, Duluth.

Scott Buckingham, Duluth, and Hillary Henzler, Duluth.

Ashley Fincher, Hibbing, and Zachary Gustafson, San Diego.

David Hamalainen, Virginia, and Melanie Weston, Virginia.

Cherish Stringer, Superior, and Joshua Hill, Superior.

Patrick Fischer, Helena, Mont., and Anna Enstad, Albert Lea, Minn.

Anna Carlson, Duluth, and Dillon Malay, Duluth.

Maurice Campbell, Duluth, and Taylor Brisk, Duluth.

Cody Opack, Proctor, and Stacy Skarman, Proctor.

Amanda Cane, Duluth, and Andrew Spilde, Duluth.

Brett Cornelison, Cloquet, and Karlyn Bryant, Cloquet.

Cassandra Repinski, Duluth, and William Bengtson, Duluth.

Jonathan Wesley, Hibbing, and Stephanie Maki, Hibbing.

Nicholas Hanson, Embarrass, and Emily Mechelke, Embarrass.

Theodore Anderson, Cloquet, and Katelyn Amundson, Cloquet.

Lindsey Kiefer, Duluth, and Richard Christianson, Duluth.

Brittney Wing, Cloquet, and Eric Jackson, Cloquet.

Alan Slatten, Hibbing, and Jennifer Leach, Hibbing.

Douglas Anderson, Urbandale, Iowa, and Ashley Richard, Urbandale.

Todd Senarighi, Duluth, and Pamela Gardas, Hager City, Wis.

Dalton Butterfield, Ely, and Laura Vincent, Ely.

Mark Villasenor, Duluth, and Jennifer Parsons, Duluth.

Jennifer Shaw, Cloquet, and Johnathon Villa, Cloquet.

Scott Cole, Aurora, and Dawn Norman, Aurora.

Bruce Harris-Wetherbee, Hibbing, and Jody Larson, Hibbing.

Joseph Ostberg, Duluth, and Taylor Thury, Duluth.

Cory Christofferson, Duluth, and Ariel Johnson, Duluth.

Ashley Vaudrin, Eveleth, and Cody Peters, Eveleth.

Elizabeth Alexson, Hermantown, and Erik Blow, Hermantown.

Samuel Tuthill, Duluth, and Sarah Simensen, Duluth.

Mallory Thudin, Superior, and Anthony Clark, Superior.

Richard Long Jr., Duluth, and Julie Wing, Duluth.

Timothy Fogelberg, Cloquet, and Darian Schultz, Cloquet.

Sarah Campbell, Hoyt Lakes, and Kyle Chiaverini, Hoyt Lakes.

Mychal Stevens, Savage, Minn., and Sarah Wagner, Savage.

Ryan Farnham, Duluth, and Jenae Hanson, Duluth.

Jocelyn Sandnas, Iron, and Adam Jagello, Iron.

Eric Quast, Dassel, Minn., and Elise Oliveira, Dassel.

Marie Pingry, Virginia, and Ryan Carlson, Virginia.

Zachary Sperling, Babbitt, and Bethany Albright, Embarrass.

Joseph Switajewski, Babbitt, and Kristen Clink, Babbitt.

John Schostag, Duluth, and Jennifer Hengtgen, Duluth.

Sandra Nagle, Proctor, and Joshua Soderholm, Proctor.

Austin Corey, Duluth, and Allison Walker, Duluth.

Luke Eastlick, Duluth, and Lacey Keeley, Duluth.

Ember Cadotte, Hibbing, and Travis Lindfors, Iron.

Caitlin Johnson, Duluth, and Daniel Neff, Duluth.

Stephanie Olsen, South Range, and Robert Cooper, South Range.

Tristen Larson, Hoyt Lakes, and Kristen Arn, Hoyt Lakes.

Benjamin Carlson, Duluth, and Sally Daly, Duluth.

Steven Golobich, Virginia, and Jill Labine, Keewatin.

Chris Todd, Duluth, and Cristine Armstrong, Duluth.

Andrew Laakso, Duluth, and Joshua Retzloff, Duluth.

Riley Johnson, St. Paul, and John Ries, St. Paul.

Dallas Foley, Silver Lake, Minn., and Tianna Raisanen, Duluth.

Rikki Coldagelli, Eveleth, and Erik Moe, Eveleth.

Kaarina Korri, Duluth, and Kirk Uskoski, Kalispell, Mont.

Andrew Stern, Duluth, and Tess Moren, Duluth.

Keely Forsberg, Hibbing, and Ryan Davis, Hibbing.

Heidi Molnau, Duluth, and Jordan Matteson, Duluth.

Dana Letica, Proctor, and Caleb Rhodes, Proctor.

Steven Malzacher, Bismarck, N.D., and Maija Fremling, Brookston.

Derek Pogorels, Duluth, and Jenna Herbig, Duluth.

Jamie Olson, Superior, and Jesse Ferkingstad, Superior.

Steven Brown, Duluth, and Guangyu Tang, Huaihua, China.

Steven Ableman, Keewatin, and Jaypee Pampilon, Quezon, Philippines.

Naomi Moritz, Virginia, and Jualille Wright, Virginia.

Paul Nelson, Duluth, and Jill Jacobson, Duluth.

Tori Barnhill, Virginia, and William Palkovich, Virginia.

John Zabrocki, Duluth, and Debra Reed-Clark, Duluth.

Michael Milchesky, Superior, and Tamra Carlson, Superior.

Kaytlin Grunst, Duluth, and Zachary Richie, Duluth.

Erica Larson, Hibbing, and Nicholas Zubich, Hibbing.

Natalie Statton, Duluth, and Jared Forte, Duluth.

Brigette Krzoska, Buhl, and Edmund Brandt II, Buhl.

Brian Luoma, Duluth, and Leeanna Stock, Duluth.

Erin O'Connor, Superior, and Matthew Burke, Superior.

Mykell Dertinger, Gilbert, and Jesse Martin, Virginia.

Crystal Sokoloski, Buyck, and Frank Kuhlmann Jr., Buyck.

Christopher Mosher, Virginia, and Kimberly Schanlaub, Virginia.

Anthony Sierra, Stone Lake, Wis., and Muskadee Montano, Duluth.

Tosconni Minton, Hibbing, and Bethany Phelps, Hibbing.

Dissolutions of marriage

Carla Warmington, Proctor, and Gary Warmington, Hermantown.

Melinda M. Nelson, Culver, and David D. Nelson, Culver.

Gregory Bambenek, Duluth, and Carmine Bambenek, Duluth.

Jeffrey P. Ellison, no city listed, and Robin T. Ellison, Duluth.

Willie J. Vaughn-Bey, Duluth, and Jody K. Vaughn-Bey, Duluth.

Efrem Natale, Duluth, and Melissa K. Natale, Duluth.

Patti J. LeMier, Elk River, Minn., and Roger A. LeMier, Cloquet.

Angela R. Valine, confidential address, and Jeremy M. Valine, Duluth.

Gregory R. Chesley, Duluth, and Nicole E. Chesley, Duluth.

Bernard M. Sundeen III, Cloquet, and Nicole L. Sundeen, Duluth.

Jeffery R. Johnson Sr., Duluth, and Paulette J. Johnson, Duluth.

Michael J. Clement, Duluth, and Denise M. Clement, Duluth.

Christopher D. Sumbs, Hermantown, and Bridget J. Merlino, Seattle.

Dana E. Hansmeier, Duluth, and Matthew M. Hansmeier, Duluth.

Terra J. Snyder, Duluth, and Matthew A. Snyder, Bovey.

Karin A. Polzin, Wyoming, Minn., and James H. Polzin, Saginaw.

Nichol L. Anderson, Duluth, and Lee C. Anderson, Duluth.

Harley D. Alcala, Duluth, and Sevgi Alcala, Grand Marais.

Katja Hansey, Duluth, and Daniel P. Hansey, Duluth.

Cristine A. Armstrong, Duluth, and Brian J. Armstrong, Miami.

James A. Steinhagen, Duluth, and Jennifer J. Steinhagen, Duluth.

Steven M. Larson, Duluth, and Susan M. Larson, Duluth.

Alicia F. Nelson, Duluth, and Chadd C. Nelson, Superior.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.