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Duluth's ACT scores improve

Duluth school district students fared better than the state on the national ACT college entrance exam and increased their score from last year, according to results released today.

Duluth's overall composite score is 21.7, while the state average is 21.5, out of a possible score of 36. Minnesota has one of the highest scores in the country for states where more than half of the graduates tested. Wisconsin's score is 20.5.

The results belong to 2017 graduates, who took the test in the 11th grade. More than 80 percent of eligible students in Duluth took the test, which is not required. The state paid for testing that year.

The breakdown of scores by race in Duluth schools shows that the black and Native American students who took the test — each group less than 3 percent of those tested — had overall scores of 15 and 15.9, respectively. White students, who made up 76 percent of those tested, had a score of 22.5 and Hispanic students — about 3.5 percent of those tested — had a score of 18.4. A group of students who claim two or more races had an overall score of 20.1, and made up 7 percent of those tested. There were not enough Asian or native Hawaiian/other Pacific islander students tested to reveal their overall scores.

Duluth's overall score last year was 21, while the state's was 21.1.

The ACT measures skills thought to be important for success in first-year college courses, and tests students in math, English, reading and science.