Weather Forecast


Monday weather update: Storms possible later today

It was a cool and crisp start to the day, but that's not a good indication for what's to come. In fact, it will be a hot and humid day in the Northland on Monday. Temperatures will climb well into the 80s with heat indicies reaching into the 90s all across the Northland with the exception of the North Shore. There, southerly winds will act like a lake breeze keeping the mercury in the 70s.

As far as the sky goes, we'll see plenty of sun throughout the day but storms will be developing after sunset.

We're going to be watching as those storms impact parts of the Northland. Some storms will turn strong to severe with gusty winds, heavy downpours and large hail possible. It will be muggy tonight as temperatures fall into the 60s.

Sunshine will grace us through the early part of the day Tuesday, but another round of nasty weather is possible for the afternoon commute. These storms too will have the potential to become strong and severe as temperatures once again climb into the 80s.