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Pressroom Podcast: It’s a Perfect Duluth Day to eat coleslaw

Perfect Duluth Day's 14th Birthday Party at Sir Ben's on Thursday, June 29, features all you can eat coleslaw. 1 / 2
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The driving forces behind “Duluth’s Duluthiest website” join the Pressroom Podcast this week.

“Another way to say it is we just do a lot of goofing off on the website, but it’s all very Duluth focused,” said Perfect Duluth Day president Paul Lundgren.

Lundgren and co-creator Barrett Chase, along with food and drink reporter Lissa Maki, share how Duluth’s community culture website came to fruition 14 years ago, which was pre-Facebook and pre-YouTube.

They also share some of their favorite PDD posts from over the years, one of which involves “military grade lederhosen.” And invite everyone out to their birthday celebration to enjoy all you can eat coleslaw. Why coleslaw? Because, why not?

What we are into this week: Sequoia National Park, the book “Love and Trouble: A Midlife Reckoning” by Claire Dederer, Marvel Unlimited - the Spotify of the comic book world, traveling to other places in the world to see bands that formed in Duluth, and Ingeborg von Agassiz.

Note: Barrett Chase is now the web/night editor at the Duluth News Tribune and is no longer involved with Perfect Duluth Day operations.

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