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Boater missing on Lake Vermilion found safe after overnight search

A 65-year-old man who left the Vermilion Dam Lodge near Cook on Sunday morning in a rental boat and had been reported missing was located early Monday.

Frank Achter, of Chicago Ridge, Ill., was found safe and in good health after experiencing boat trouble and seeking shelter on an island in Lake Vermilion.  

Achter was the subject of an overnight water search of Lake Vermilion by authorities after lodge staff first attempted to locate him earlier in the day after he was overdue to arrive back at the resort, the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office reported in a news release early Monday.

Achter had left the lodge at 8:30 a.m. Sunday in a 17-foot rental boat. He experienced boat troubles and was able to make it to the island, the Sheriff’s Office said. He sought shelter in a cabin on the island until his boat was discovered by members of the St. Louis County Rescue Squad. Achter was taken by boat to Moccasin Point and transported to Cook Hospital for evaluation as a precautionary measure.  

The search also included the Greenwood and Tower/Breitung fire departments and the Lake Vermilion Fire Brigade.