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Denfeld student seeks help in locating missing artwork

Denfeld High School student Bayley Anderson said that a piece of her artwork, pictured here in an unfinshed state, went missing from Miller Hill Mall Monday. (Submitted photo)

A Denfeld High School student is looking for help in locating a piece of artwork that apparently disappeared from a student display at Duluth's Miller Hill Mall on Monday.

Bayley Anderson, a junior at Denfeld, said she had worked on the piece for six months and was planning to use it as the main feature in her portfolio to apply to the Minnesota College of Art and Design when it went missing on Monday.

"I worked so hard on it and now it's gone," she said.

She said her art teacher John Hoban brought the work — a pencil and acrylic painting — to the mall on Monday morning to install in the Duluth student art display that began at the mall this week, but it was gone when he returned at 4:30 p.m. It was one of two pieces of artwork that Anderson was displaying as part of the art show.

Anderson said Hoban spoke with mall security about the missing artwork, "but they were absolutely no help." Mall management said a theft report hadn't been filed and wouldn't confirm that the teacher had spoken with security.

Anderson said she only wants the artwork returned. Anyone with the artwork can contact Hoban at Denfeld about returning it.

"I just really want to get it back. At this point, I don't care who stole it, I just want to get it back," she said.