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Bygones for Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014

News Tribune, Aug. 14, 1974

* By unanimous vote, Duluth School Board members last night rejected a resolution to pay themselves monthly salaries. The resolution, which came out of a committee of the whole meeting, called for paying them $25 a month, ostensibly to cover out-of-pocket expenses.

* The Duluth Planning Commission yesterday voted 6-1 against a proposed ordinance that would prohibit pigeon raising in suburban residential and light commercial zones. Several Lakeside residents complained about domesticated pigeons posing health hazards in their neighborhood.

News Tribune, Aug. 14, 1994

* Rumors are swirling around Duluth that the Miller Hill Mall has plans to expand to accommodate a larger Sears and a new Dayton’s department store. Dayton’s officials aren’t verifying the rumors, saying many factors affect a decision on opening a new store.

* The Grand Rapids School Board is expected to vote at its meeting tomorrow on whether to put a bond issue for school improvements on the November ballot. Grand Rapids voters have rejected four school bond issues in the last two years.

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