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Lake Superior’s June rise is above average

Lake Superior rose 3 inches in June, an inch more than it usually does for the month, the International Lake Superior Board of Control reported Wednesday.

The big lake now sits 6 inches above the normal July 1 level and a foot above the level at this time last year.

The extra inches came from extra water flowing into the lake and likely reduced evaporation as the lake continues a fast-paced rise from below-normal to above-normal conditions in less than a year.

The monthly mean water level of Lake Superior in June was 602.36 feet. That’s 6 inches above the long-term June average and the highest June level since 1997.

The level of lakes Michigan-Huron rose 4 inches in June, double their usual 2-inch rise for the month. Those lakes now sit just 5 inches below their long-term average and 14 inches above their July 1, 2013, level.