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Bygones for Tuesday, June 24, 2014

News Tribune, June 24, 1974

* Dave Tjosvold, owner of Wilson Heating Supply Inc., has started his own wood-burning furnace factory in McGregor, northeast of Brainerd. Now that fuel costs have risen so high, wood-burning stoves have come back into vogue and are in great demand.

* A lot of people will miss Paul Modeen when he retires in August after 29 years as director and caretaker of Portman Square recreation grounds in Lakeside. The 250-300 kids to whom he has become a friend and guardian will miss him most.

News Tribune, June 24, 1994

* A tentative contract agreement that could lead to a reopening of the National Steel Pellet Co. in Keewatin was agreed to yesterday by National Steel Corp. and the United Steelworkers of America. The plant could be operating before the end of 1994.

* An ordinance before the Duluth City Council would require foundation drains to be disconnected from the city’s sanitary sewer system by 2002. An estimated 19,000 homes would need work done, which could cost up to $1,350 per home.

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