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Blasting to begin on 57th Avenue West in West Duluth

Rock blasting to make way for new sewer, water and road projects is expected to begin today along 57th Avenue West in West Duluth, St. Louis County engineers said of the operation.

 The existing roadway is being blasted as part of a $10.7 million project to reconstruct a 1.5-mile L-shaped stretch of 57th Avenue West and Highland Street. New sanitary and storm sewers are being installed, along with a new water main and roadway. Engineers said blasting will continue over the next few months, with only small areas of roadway being worked on at once.

Workers will begin with an area between Olney Street and Huntington Street, before progressing to 57th Avenue West toward Highland Street. Signs will be posted marking the blasting areas.

Questions about the blasting can be directed to the St. Louis County Public Works Department at (218) 625-3830.