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Eh?: Casually learning about Prohibition

Who isn’t fascinated when a few firebrands, convinced of their own moral superiority, subjugate the entire country to their will?

Actually, Eh? was referring to Prohibition, and if you want to casually sip some local lagers or a glass of wine while taking in a brief but lively look at how Duluth survived Prohibition, look no farther than Glensheen Mansion.

From the rich to the poor, Duluthians found a way to slake their thirst, and that’s the subject for a pair of speakers at Glensheen’s main house tonight at 7.

The speakers will bend ears for only 15 minutes apiece, keeping the rehashing of history laid back.

The presentation is part of a new casual history series in a partnership with Zenith City Online and Glensheen Mansion.

The speakers will be Tony Dierckins and Heidi Bakk-Hansen, both from Zenith City Online.

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