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Madeline Island Ferry up and running

The U.S. Coast Guard was ready to break ice, but it turned out they weren’t needed after all, and the Madeline Island Ferry started another season Tuesday without much trouble.

Two of the ferry service’s four ferries are moving vehicles and people across Lake Superior between Bayfield and Madeline Island, a sure sign that spring is here.

“We thought we were going to need some help, but the warm weather over the weekend really softened up the ice,” said Gary Russell, a vice president for the ferry line.

The April 22 start was approaching a record-late start for the ferry service, which still holds as April 25.

In some recent winters, the ferry has been able to operate all or nearly all year long, with warm conditions resulting in little ice. But this year, the ferry was stopped by thick ice.

Residents and visitors of Madeline Island can cross on a propeller-driven “wind sled” ice boat during weak ice periods and then drive across the ice once it’s safe each winter. The wind sled had been running since April 7.

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