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Downtown Duluth library elevator is finally back in service

The Duluth Public Library’s elevator, which had been out of commission since January, has now been fixed.

“The staff is really happy,” said David Ouse, public services supervisor at the library. “We’ve been hauling books up and down the stairs.”

The lift at the library's downtown branch went back in service Friday afternoon.

The elevator dates back to the mid-1970s and the faulty part had to be fabricated and shipped in.

At Large Duluth City Councilor Emily Larson, in a previous News Tribune story, said that the current facility is highly inefficient and doesn't readily provide the amenities and technologies people expect to be readily available in a modern-day library. The downtown library currently is being evaluated, and Larson expressed her hope that plans for its future will be developed by the end of the year.

"It does need some TLC, and maybe this elevator going out is a great alarm in a way. It's a very tangible flaw and probably a symbol of other things that need attention," Larson said earlier this month.