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Caron, Stevenson

Christina Caron and Eric Stevenson, both of Duluth, plan to be married Sept. 16 in St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Duluth.

Her parents are Mari Sellars and Jerry Sellars, both of Duluth. His parents are Kathy and Nathan Stevenson of Hermantown.

The future bride graduated from Central High School in Duluth in 2003. She is employed by Menards in Hermantown.

The future groom graduated from Hermantown High School in 2010. He is employed by Benedictine Health Center in Duluth.

Early morning proposal

I didnt hear my phone ring at 4 a.m. when Eric called, but I called him back at 4:30 a.m. He said he couldnt sleep and wanted to see me before I went to work and was waiting outside by my car. I rushed to get ready, but when I arrived at my car, the only thing I saw was a ring of blue and pink glow sticks wrapped around the driver's side door. Eric jumped out from behind another car next to mine and yelled, "Will you marry me?" I didn't even realize the engagement ring was at the bottom of the glow sticks. What made it even more special was finding out that we got engaged on his parents wedding anniversary.