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Plane diverted, Fargo man arrested for unruly behavior on Chicago-to-London flight

GANDER, Newfoundland - A Fargo man was arrested Saturday night and is being held here after the American Airlines flight he was on was diverted due to his "unruly" behavior with flight attendants.

Constable J.B. Clermont of the Gander Detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Derek Olson, 35, was drunk and would not listen to the crew's requests for him to sit down on the Chicago-to-London flight.

"He was intoxicated on the flight and causing some issues to the flight crew there, and was detained by the flight crew with the help of some passengers," Clermont said.

He said Olson, who's cooperating with Canadian authorities, is facing charges of mischief, causing a disturbance and, under the Canadian Aeronautics Act, endangering an operation of flight.

He spoke to a judge Sunday and is waiting for his bail hearing Tuesday.