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Reader's view: Let's find a solution to copper-nickel pollution

A natural resource under consideration for development (copper-nickel) in northern Minnesota does mean jobs (needed jobs), and there is no reason why it should not be looked into. With the right technology there should be a way of doing it with as little damage as possible. Our state needs the jobs, and there should be a solution to the pollution problem.

We have enough problems from unregulated and under-

regulated mining in several locations, including Lead, S.D.; Kellogg, Idaho; Arizona; Yukon, Canada; and Sudbury, Ontario.

In Kellogg, Idaho, schoolchildren are known to have high levels of lead in their bodies. The streams in Lead, S.D., looked like molten aluminum when I drove through there. And around Sudbury, Ontario, trees are dead.

An effort reportedly was made to haul sulfuric acid to the White Pine copper mine in Michigan, but Native Americans and others fought it. Sulfuric acid used to be dumped in our oceans. People got concerned. Other disposal methods have been sought. And in Yukon, the mining company declared bankruptcy and the government was left with the problems.

There should be a solution so people can have the jobs that this natural resource can provide. I am 88 years old, but this is still a concern for my children, grandchildren and great-

grandchildren, so I am concerned. Let's find a solution and provide the jobs that are needed.

Chester E. Haataja