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Pressure cook your way to 'Flavortown' with Guy Fieri

When celebrity restaurateur Guy Fieri isn't going "off the hook" or "out of bounds" during travels for his Food Network show "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives," he's in an apron at his Santa Rosa home, cooking for his family. At least, that's what he tells us in the introduction to his sixth cookbook, "Guy Fieri Family Food: Kitchen Tested, Home Approved," which offers 125 "real deal" recipes.

"It's my greatest joy to cook for and then sit down with the whole crew — my wife, our kids, my parents and the kids' cousins," he writes.

Among the 11 chapters ("Sandwiches & Burgers," "Pasta & Noodles," "Soups & Stews") is one of particular interest: "Under Pressure." This is Fieri's ode to the current trendy kitchen must-have, the second-generation pressure cooker. Its versatility and speed of cooking take home cooks "straight to Flavortown." After a pressure-cooker primer, he dishes out recipes (and lush color photos) for short ribs, lamb shanks, chicken cacciatore and more. By chapter's end, we were convinced.

• $30, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers