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Faces & Names: Pacino says crowds recharge him

Al Pacino stars in two movies shown at the 71st Venice Film Festival, which meant he had to do a double round of media events, but the 74-year-old said he drew energy from the crowds that turned out to see him.

“People charge you. They make you feel as though ‘Oh! I’ve done things. I’ve done a few things.’ You really forget, you do, mercifully you do,” he said.

“Imagine going to a place like that and just drooping along? What would that do? Everybody would go ‘poor guy, poor me, poor them.’ So you go with the glow, as they say.”

Pacino was in Venice to boost director Barry Levinson’s “The Humbling,” based on a Philip Roth novel about an aging actor who feels like he is losing his acting ability, but who is reinvigorated by a late-life affair with a young woman.

His other film, “Manglehorn,” is in competition for the Golden Lion prize. It’s about a Texas locksmith who has never gotten over a love affair that went sour, and has walled himself away from other people.