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Student Art for Aug. 31, 2014

No title by Lili, grade 8, of St. James1 / 17
No title by Gus, grade 4, of St. James2 / 17
T/he White House by Ben, grade 8, of St. James3 / 17
Still-life by Lauren, grade 4, of Holy Rosary4 / 17
Floating House - Asia by Ethan, grade 5, of Holy Rosary5 / 17
Winter by Ivy, grade 8, of St. James6 / 17
Iguana by Sebastian, grade 7, of St. James7 / 17
Castle watercolor by Elley, grade 5, of Holy Rosary8 / 17
Polish paper cutting by Eric, grade 7, of St. James9 / 17
Scary Scarecrows by Solon, grade 2, of Holy Rosary10 / 17
Bears by Shea, grade 4, of Holy Rosary11 / 17
Still-life watercolor by Helena, grade 4, of Holy Rosary12 / 17
Still-life watercolor by Helena, grade 4, of Holy Rosary13 / 17
Still-life by Victoria, grade 5, of St. James14 / 17
Decorated elephants of India by Jonathan, grade 4, of Holy Rosary15 / 17
Castle watercolor by Annika, grade 5, of Holy Rosary16 / 17
Polish paper cutting by Peter, grade 7, of St. James17 / 17

Mary Hoffman, an art specialist at Holy Rosary and St. James schools, shared some of her students’ work from last school year.

Scrapbook staff encourages Northland teachers to submit their students’ original artwork for possible publication. Artwork must include the school name, teacher’s first and last name, students’ first and last names and the grade the student is in.

We cannot promise every piece of art will be published in the paper when we use them, but all artwork will be posted online. We’ll use artwork as we have space. Send your submissions to: Scrapbook/Student Art, Duluth News Tribune, 424 W. First St., Duluth, MN 55802.